Landscape Architecture

By Natalie Taftian

Why is landscape architecture important? 

When it comes to the development of a project, sometimes we get so carried away by the architectural design that we lose focus on the landscape. However, the landscape gives the property a sense of connection and life. By incorporating a beautiful landscape design into your project you create a more inviting feeling, there is a manicured looked to the entireproject, and people can enjoy the outside just as much as the inside.

What makes good design in landscape architecture?

Create Flow 

  • You want to maintain an overall flow to the property you are designing. When someone walks in, or walks through the area you what the to be movement throughout their pathway. 

Texture Variety

  • There needs to be a variety of texture with the plants that you use in the design. Plants have either coarse foliage, or have fine foliage, and by incorporating these two styles into the design you create an interesting sense of texture and creativity.

Have a Focal Point 

  • Whether it’s a tree with a lot of character, or a large shrub, there needs to be a focal point to draw the viewers attention inward.

Climate Conditions 

  • Not all regions are created equal. The weather and season variety will effect the health, well-being, and overall look of the landscape design. For example, if you are in California it is important to be mindful of the drought-tolerant requirements that may be required for your plants. 

Overall, the landscape is a pillar selling point when it comes to the sale of a project, and the foundation of creating a welcoming layout.

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