Luxurious Design and an Affordable Cost

If you are building a brand new home or building an addition, by consulting with an architect, you may raise the ceiling higher, design larger windows, doors, gorgeous interior projects, different floor levels, etc. Some of these additions may be above the budget allowances. We can make some suggestions in building a luxury house in a more affordable way. Regardless of what design method you prefer, you can simply or design it to your liking. If you feel you want to make your current place more luxurious, maybe we can help!


Bedroom: The bed should the main focus. Use simple molding which is affordable and modern. Your bedroom should be well-designed with matching bedding, pillows, curtains, and accents. There is no need to spend extra money. Some options include: adding an extra light fixture, replacing old ones with hanging light or a stylish chandelier.

Bathroom: If budget allows, install shower glass door, otherwise a curtain, high bar with nice matching clips. A shower curtain will make your bathtub looking even dreamier and luxurious. The mirror is one of the most important items in a bathroom along with the bathtub or the sink. Pick a big statement mirror and match its frame with the whole look of the bathroom – metallic, shabby-retro, wooden.

Living & Dining room: Learn how to decorate walls simply, but effectively. In addition to artwork, use oversized mirrors which can add light and uniqueness. Mirrors can break up a wall without having to add a lot of artwork. Add different sizes of framed art, photo, pottery, or posters which may work as an accent to the room. Do not place a small frame alone on a large wall. A small wall should contain only one large picture frame or multiple small and medium frames. If budget allows move up headers to make the ceiling look higher. If you are not using light colors add crown molding style. Use simple brass hardware, goldish or string pearls as curtain tie-backs. If you have air grill in your home, then give your air grille a luxury makeover and do not use a very busy pattern if you want a modern luxury view.

If you cannot replace the countertop in the bathroom, then paint it, thick and smooth.

Kitchen: Changing cabinets and countertop usually is the most expensive part. If they are not crooked or damaged maybe you can paint it. Consult with an expert. Try to add a little bit of natural light. Add greenery. If you cannot change the whole sink, only change the faucet. It makes difference.


1. Planter boxes play a key role in luxurious appearance. Use large planters.

2. Use wood and brick for the siding of the house.

3. Use composition roofing is affordable and has a long lifespan. If budget allows there are more expensive roofing materials available.  

4. If you cannot afford new windows, add trim around the edges of the existing windows. This will add appeal to your old windows. The heavier the trim around the windows, the simpler the curtains should be.

5. Small fire pit surrounded by a wooden bench, make a luxurious seen.

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